Doaa Elseoud- Beautiful & inspiring Cancer Survivor
Doaa Elseoud- Beautiful & inspiring Cancer Survivor avatar

March 6th, 2017
Doaa Elseoud – Beautiful & Inspiring Cancer survivor


Working in the Oman Cancer Association has made me meet some amazing people.
These People who help the children with cancer and families of these kids at Dar al Hanan.
Volunteering here has taught me a great deal.
The volunteers ( me being one of them ) have dedicated to serve and help for this cause.
The Association is filled with generosity, kind and amazing people.

But few days back I met someone who has inspired me in ways more than one
Doaa Elseoud… a breast cancer survivor.
When I first saw Doaa, she had this charm and generosity dat I couldn’t really understand. It intrigued me. It was confusing and yet magical. She is a warm friendly girl ready to take life as it comes. As I sat next to her and as she made a cup of tea for herself at the kitchen counter, I couldn’t help but notice how strong she was from within.

She says, “Society perceives women with cancer to give up on life just stay in bed” which is very wrong. By positively living her life she wants to convey to the world that living life positively and taking good care is all that is required.

Having cancer doesn’t stop her from living her life to the fullest. Always smiling, i noticed how much she has to give this world and how such beautiful people live and make others lives better. She says , gratitude is the key to all happiness. And I totally agree with that.

Born in Egypt, she has been working as a flight attendant from past few years and volunteering hard for the cause.

At the age of 31 when she was diagnosed with cancer she didn’t give up any day ever since knowing this.
She rolled up her boots, started her treatment and has been actively participating in spreading the awareness of the epidemic.

She lost a lot of her hair owing to the chemotherapy radiation treatment that she is going through every day at The Royal Hospital. This hasn’t put her down in any way. In fact she believes it is trendy and makes no difference to how she is as a person. In fact to me she looks beautiful.

Cancer is a disease once diagnosed causes a young woman’s life to come to a stand still . But not for people like Doaa. She is living as normal life as any other woman. In fact she keeps herself active by doing a bit of modeling and spreading the positive message of cancer across Instagram and her blogs online.

In fact she is a living example that even cancer patients are normal, living normal lives and blessed everyday to survive.
She knows that she needs to start with herself to see the change around her and as I truly believe so and will always do, such people are living examples of strength and are truly superheroes.

As I sat in her apartment to talk to her, I noticed how warm and calm it was just like her. She made me feel at home.

Ever-inspiring girl that you are, I look forward to working with you Doaa.

Stay blessed!